How To Hire An Accountant ..the Smart Way

how to hire an accountant

And you’ll also be better able to understand what they’re able to offer you, in case you choose to hire an accountant down the line. Knowing when and how to hire an accountant can be confusing, especially for new business owners without a financial background. A well-planned hiring process will empower you to define what kind of professional you want to work with and how they can help you maximize financial growth. When you hire an accountant, you get a lot more than just a number-cruncher. From drawing up business plans and implementing financial systems, to handling audits and tax preparation, accounting professionals provide invaluable input at many stages of the startup lifecycle.

They can also provide insight into how to properly grow the business through financial analysis. But it’s better to hire an accountant before an investigation ever happens, especially if you can find one who will offer tax investigation insurance. Tax investigation insurance covers the fees you would have had to pay if your business needed retained earnings to respond to an official enquiry, review, or investigation by a tax department. An accountant who offers tax investigation insurance means they won’t charge any extra for the considerable amount of work they’ll have to carry out during the investigation process. There are many reasons to hire an accountant for a small business.

Working with an accountant won’t just help you file a great tax return. Consider your CPA as part of your small business team; they can help advise you on financial decisions, ensuring the long term sustainability and growth of your business. Getting the help of a qualified accountant is an investment that costs time, effort and money, but in the long run, it’s one pays off. Before you approach one, you should compare price quotes from multiple accountancy firm in Slough. You can also ask your friends or family for the best recommendations.

Software can only do what you tell it to do—and a good accountant’s skills go far beyond crunching numbers. Don’t wait to hire an accountant between January 1st and April 15th, many individuals and firms will be completely booked because of tax season. Accountants handle most of the day-to-day financial tasks of a company, firm, or corporation. If you don’t already have an accountant at this point, it’s a good time to hire one. They can give you advice on how to work within the auditing process. They can also help ensure you don’t violate any tax laws afterwards – because the government will almost certainly be watching. For example, let’s say it takes you 10 hours to do your taxes, and your time is worth $100 an hour.

I don’t know a single person who enjoys preparing their taxes—and I’m the kind of person who actually asks people about things like that. Aside from the tediousness of the task itself, many people fear making a mistake and getting that dreaded audit notice from the IRS. (Overall, only about one in 140 individual taxpayers gets an audit notice, so don’t feel too nervous.) Having an accountant can feel like hiring your own personal finance bodyguard.

If your business has a niche focus or complex tax liabilities, it might be worth considering hiring an accounting specialist in that area. But that doesn’t mean you need to hire accountants to hold how to hire an accountant your hand 24/7. Full-time accountant employees can be pricey — $65,000 a year at minimum. And some of their tasks are easily taken care of by bookkeeping services or existing team members.

Identify Your Accounting Needs

So, hire a perfect accountant if required for your small business and let your company growing smoothly. With the use of technology, you can put, “accountants near me” in the search engine and will get a list of accountants. If you are not able to keep track of your money due to lack of knowledge and time, then it’s time to hire an accountant.

how to hire an accountant

And there’s always the risk you’ve made errors – especially if you’re multi-tasking like most business owners. Ask your accountant if any tax benefits or disadvantages apply specifically to your business’s legal structure. They may be able to help you change business structures in a way that will help you save on taxes. For instance, some LLCs are able to file as S-Corps, and reduce their online bookkeeping likelihood of being audited. There’s a wide array of small business tax deductions, but what you can deduct will depend on the nature of your business. Always remember, only the ordinary and necessary expenses of running your business can be deducted from your taxes. Your accountant can tell you whether you qualify for certain expenses, and highlight ones you may not know about.


Bookkeepers typically deal with day-to-day accounting-related tasks, such as tracking company expenses, submitting invoices and making sure employees have filed the right paperwork for payroll. Accountants, on the other hand, can file your business taxes, produce important financial documents and give you bigger-picture financial advice. Business taxes can get complicated and it’s often best to have an expert guiding you through the process. Hire an accountant or the accounting firm that meets your requirements and budget. Spend time looking over the websites of accountants that you have received referrals for and learn more about them.Consider your company needs based on the specialty of the accountant or firm. You may want to choose an accountant who specializes in small business issues, has a good deal of experience, and represents other companies in your industry.

If you find that you’re calling them for advice more frequently, it may be time to hire a full-time accountant or bookkeeper to take care of day-to-day accounting tasks. An accountant can also use accounting software to analyse your cash flow, inventory management and pricing. They can also provide insight into how to properly grow your business through financial analysis. They could even help determine when is the best time to introduce a new product or service offering to your range. But it’s better to hire an accountant before an audit ever happens, especially if you can find one who will offer audit insurance.

Andrew Hoag, CEO of purchasing software company Teampay, points out that the best hires are the accountants who get their hands dirty while also being able to think strategically. Accountants often grow to specialize in one particular aspect of the job or become an expert in a specific vertical.

Hiring the wrong accountant or accounting firm can set you back in nightmarish ways. We understand the anxiety that you experience as you go through the process of how to hire an accountant. Here are 10 questions to ask potential accountants and firms that will help you decide who to hire.

how to hire an accountant

Ask them directly, and make sure their expectations are a match with yours. Any discussion involving taxes—or the IRS—is in danger of becoming bogged down with technical language. Look for an accountant who can communicate high-level topics in a way that’s accessible and helps you more deeply understand your business. You can use freelance sites like Toptal and Upwork to hire freelance accountants in another country, but remember that the tax laws in other countries are different. Make sure that whoever you hire is well-versed in your national and local tax laws.

How The Gop Tax Reform Bills Will Affect Your Bottom Line

Every dollar counts for business owners, so if you don’t know where you stand on a monthly basis, you may not be around at the end of the year. And while using do-it-yourself accounting software can help monitor costs, the benefits of hiring good accountants extend far beyond crunching numbers. The truth is, most of you probably don’t need to hire an accountant to file your taxes. If you have a traditional job that sends a W2 and you don’t itemize deductions, hiring an accountant would probably be overkill and you can file taxes for yourself. In that case, working with an accountant, instead of using tax prep or accounting software is actually the frugal choice.

The sector is also growing at a rate of 10%, faster than the average cross-sector growth of 8%. Don’t expect to find an accountant at rock-bottom prices. Salary, benefits, office space, equipment, and taxes all add up. Plus, if you hire too soon, there may be times when your accountant has nothing to do, putting an unnecessary strain on bookkeeping finances. Good accounting services can establish the financial foundation of your business and hiring a professional is the only way to ensure that the foundation is a firm one. The sooner you take that step—even outsourcing professional accounting services—the better prepared your business will be for unanticipated financial woes.

  • They can help you identify every possible tax break that you are eligible for, resulting in greater tax deductions and less money owed to Uncle Sam.
  • Moreover, accountants can come up with accurate audit reports, financial statements, and other accounting documentation required by government regulation and lending institutions.
  • Accountants can also consult with their clients on tax-related problems, such as tax compliance and regulations and methods of tax reduction.
  • When you pay a professional to do your taxes, you are getting the added benefit of numerous other services, including accounting, record-keeping, tax consultation, and auditing.
  • At the end of the day, hiring an accountant can be the start of a fruitful relationship with a financial consultant.

Consider hiring an accountant when your business’s first tax filing is due. A good accountant can help you lower your taxes and make sure you’re filing the right paperwork. It may also make sense to hire an accountant before your first tax filing is due since accountants can also help with things like payroll and planning your business’s financial how to hire an accountant future. When you need to prepare your financial statements, you may want to hire an accountant, a certified public accountant or an accounting firm. Whether you need to prepare financial statements or pay taxes for your small business, your family, or just for yourself, an accountant can help you organize your financial information.

Accountants can bring a new level of insight, simply by virtue of their perspective. If you and your accountant use cloud-based accounting software, you’ll be able to keep track of what your accountant does, and always be able to see your company’s financial situation at a glance. It can be daunting dealing with government paperwork when you run your own business. This is why so many small business owners hire an accountant when the first tax filing is due. This will help you monitor the pulse of your business and keep track of important things like cashflow.

how to hire an accountant

Because of that, we decided that we are going to hire an accountant for this next tax season. Like you mentioned, it is important to find someone who can help with tax planning and you mentioned that CPA’s are good tax planners. Because of that, I am going to make sure to hire a CPA to help my wife and I not only plan for them but also to be able to get the best possible return on our taxes. Where accountants can offer help is in initially setting up bookkeeping and accounting systems and showing you how to use them.

Start by prepping up-to-date financial statements for the new hire. A bookkeeping service will help you get statements organized. Don’t forget to give the new accountant access to all bank accounts and any accounting software already set up. Cost is a major determining factor when you hire an accountant. There’s plenty of competition for accounting staff out there, and the unemployment rate for accountants is at a mere 2.3 percent, according to U.S.News.

So why would you want to consider hiring an accountant? Because these professionals do more for businesses than simply prepare their taxes once a year. They often wear many different, yet important, hats—including financial advisor for your business or type of outsourced CFO. An accountant will put your company’s financial records in order and produce statements of accounts that you can show to prospective buyers. Using high quality accounting software they can create useful charts and tables to show your company in a good light.

An accountant can be handy when doing time-consuming tasks like taxes business restructuring. This way, you’ll get more time to focus on other business-related things.

List out the tasks you expect an accounting professional to own. For example, you may want to maintain an external bookkeeping service but have your in-house accountant own your financial management systems. The list of common accounting tasks earlier on in this post should help you define the most pressing business needs. While outsourced accounting services are often a smarter financial option, keep track of how much you’re spending over the long-term. Lean on outsourced professionals too frequently, and you’ll find monthly fees add up to more than an annual salary over the year. If that happens, it may make financial sense to shift to an in-house accountant. Due to the variety of tasks accountants can be called on to do, the best accountants are both detail-oriented and flexible.

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